(savagely) handsome devil 

as adam stared at his lap, penitent, he mused that there was something musical about ronan when he swore. 

(the raven boys)

every other freckle (ALT-J) d is for dangerous (ARCTIC MONKEYS) weirdo (THE VACCINES) swallow my pride (THE RAMONES) wolf pack (THE VACCINES) handsome devil (THE SMITHS) i warned you: do not make an enemy of me (LOS CAMPESINOS!) gotta get down (THE ORWELLS) lonely boy (THE BLACK KEYS) when you were young (THE KILLERS) the righteous one (THE ORWELLS)


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Characters of Glue + The Seven Deadly Sins:

Lust - Cal, Gluttony - Rob, Greed - Janine, Sloth - Eli, Wrath - James, Envy - Ruth, Pride - Tina.

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Well, everybody needs a hobby.

So what’s yours?


Skyfall (2012)

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a boy died

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I haven’t posted a selfie in a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated

Godfrey Gao for Harper’s Bazaar HK | Oct.2014

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I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer.

Gone Girl (2014), dir. David Fincher

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